Wednesday, 1 April 2015


People always say the path to heaven is made of a narrow road with thorny bushes that only the brave are willing to trek along, but the path to hell is wide and striking to attract many people because of its splendid beauty. Well it seems that assumption is a real life experience for many people. We live in an era encompassed with intense pressure for quick action. Everyone is thinking of how fast they can benefit from a relationship, a job or even a business.

We are a generation that strongly believes, speed is the master key to success and anyone who will not act fast is bound to be a loser. It is about how fast something can be done, with the least effort, applied in the shortest time possible. We are bombarded with numerous “get rich quick schemes” and swift means through which to attain our goals, with intense pressure to act on them. Be it a health, financial and spiritual goal. We have lost the good old habits that believed that “patience pays.” One would wonder why this has become a norm for many people around the world.

Many products and medicines are advertised as the sole solution to almost all problems. There is a pill for just about anything, be it a health complication or emotional disturbance, even those that can easily be treated with a goodnight sleep. Numerous people would rather buy pills to cut down on their weight than do a little exercise daily to keep them healthy and in shape for ages. Others will gladly jump at every business opportunity that guarantees the quickest returns with minimal efforts. Just a few people will have the guts to start up businesses that will require enormous effort to build, with extreme resilience as one awaits the first fruits that may take a while before showing.

While the path of least resistance is irresistibly striking, it is not without flaws. Multiple products meant to quickly solve health problems are often accompanied by unexpected side effects that in the long run prove to be more expensive to treat. This only serves to make such companies more millions as they rectify the very problems they created. Betting companies continue to grow bigger everyday by making a fortune off peoples’ hardly earned money. This is all because people quickly forget how long it took them to work hard and make the money they hope to double or triple in an hour.

Fortunately, the habit of choosing the path of least effort and time can be broken. First, it is important for a person to assess all the options available to them to attain their goal. Secondly, they have to weigh each option to find which one can guarantee long term success regardless of how long it may take. Thirdly, one has to deliberately choose to take the road that will ensure long term success regardless of how hard it may be to change their usual norms. Lastly the big question is how many people have attained their success using the path of least resistance?
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