Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Respect is something everyone human being craves inwardly, it is what pushes us to do more everyday so that we can earn some recognition  from people as time goes on. Right from childhood we are taught to respect parents. We learn to value parents because they are not just the immediate caretakers but also show more compassion and care towards us than any other people in our lives at that point. In most African cultures, children are groomed to honor all people who are older than them regardless of whether they are family or not. This has for a long time been a good system of instilling values in children but it has slowly been washed away as the world becomes more modernized and less accommodating of communal practices.
We treasure our family members, close relatives and friends because they love us back in most times when we need them. We also come to appreciate our teachers, employers and other superiors because it occasionally carries desirable results in our favor at the end of the day. What about those people that are below us in social rankings and we never hope to benefit from them at any one point? Do we value them that much as well?
Many a time’s people get moved by the achievements or jobs the “pillars” of society hold. Strangely, most of them have a false perception that these people used a secret but quick formula that rose them to the top. Usually the people who succeed most in life have learnt one main tool to success. They know and value the fact that human resource is the most important resource that exists. They do not employ people to work for them but employ people to work with them as partners for a greater purpose.
Society has unconsciously created unhealthy rods on which respect is to be earned, these include being wealth, educated or holding a leadership position. Many people will respect someone they think can get them a job or grant them a promotion. Unfortunately, just a few will think of valuing the people who are less “influential” than they are. These people deserve as much appreciation as do the “influential” people in our lives because they can equally perform if granted the opportunity. Respect is simply doing to people what you would love them to do to you but it is also a two-way route, once you show people respect, they will do the same in return.
Many people will hope to automatically earn respect from other people but often get frustrated by the continuous disdain they receive. In most cases these people never take time to value the work of other people. A lot can be done if we start respecting all people regardless of the job title or position they hold in society.
The journey to success is not a one man’s challenge, it is a combination of numerous contributions from people of all sorts, each creating a unique platform to push you to the next level. Every person along your path to success is equally significant so respecting them is vital not only to yourself but also to them. People will pave way for your opportunities if only you create opportunities for other people too.(image credit to www.afraidtoask.com)


  1. Wooow i learn to respect people like uuuu

  2. Thanks Joan, i respect you as well