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Ian is a smart young man, around 16 years of age with a bright future ahead of him. He joins this school that has always been on his mind. The fact that he was admitted on merit justifies the famous quote that “dreams come true.” All is going well until this boy picks on him, the reason for doing so is simply because he is new in the school, this happens every time Ian meets this bully on the school compound. A concerned friend approaches him with a solution, he tells him about the value of taking drugs in the school and how it can easily lift up his status. Ian is skeptical, but he is convinced that all bullies will not bug him anymore but rather respect him as a “real man.” Ian finally decides to try out a “blunt” (marijuana), the euphoric experience he gets is so thrilling that he tries it again on the second day. This continues on for several weeks until teachers start complaining about his rebelliousness and consistent absence in class, this does not bother Ian in at all. Eventually the school expels Ian after attempting to fight a teacher during communal work.

This is the story of many young people out there, drugs are never in their plans but simply become an escape route for a number of the challenges young people face today. Youth occasionally think of using drugs as a means of evading stressing factors like heart breaks, poor academic performance but some believe drugs boost confidence. This is considered a solution but unfortunately it does not really solve anything but one thing is for sure, it creates another problem on top of the current distresses.

A number of young people have not been groomed to value themselves, they have a very low self-esteem. This puts them in a position where they cannot have a personal stand when it comes to discussions that involve a number of people. They will not feel secure standing for what they believe in and so get easily influenced into taking drugs by peers who may consider “drugging” a pivotal role of every member in the clique.

Some young stars try out drugs to improve their performance in sports encounters, most especially the type that requires extreme physical performance and are very competitive. Drugs become a short cut for some youth who wish to perform better than all their opponents but do not believe they can do it all on their own. Some take drugs out of curiosity, this is usually driven by the persuasive myths about the beauty of using drugs that are usually carried around by people who wish to get market for their “product.”   

Many youth use drugs because of the numerous media contents portraying drugs as a “posh” thing to use. Several artists continue to make songs beautifying the use of drugs as cool thing with many videos being produced that have influential characters using drugs in a very jolly environment. This directly encourages young people to try out drugs as a means of finding identity and seeking fame.

Regardless of a person’s reason for using drugs, they still have grave effects on their life. You can do something today to save a life tomorrow. (image credit to


  1. what can an ordinary person like me do to help in such a situation?

  2. You have a teenager in your life, it could be a brother, sister or friend. Talk with them, in case they have a problem, you can solve it before they resort to drugs to seek refuge

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