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HIV/AIDS has become a pillar of terror all over the world claiming many lives and at a terrific speed. Every continent, every nation, every town and every family has not survived the effects of this epidemic. Africa has been the affected most as a continent with an estimate of around 80% of the people infected with HIV all over the world residing in Africa. This has been used as a demeaning factor because many people think of Africa as a death pit for HIV.  HIV/AIDS is probably the number one topic of discussion all over the world with more information being generated every day to reduce its severe effects. This information has created immense awareness all over the globe but unfortunately even with this much information, it continues to spread rapidly among many people.
A number of children in Africa are born with HIV through mother to child (MTC) transmission, usually because pregnant mothers at times do not get tested for HIV and so HIV positive mothers pass on the virus to the children during the birth process. At times mothers get tested but fail to have safe births which can be conducted in hospitals by professional midwives  who can eliminate the chances of the mother’s and child’s blood from mixing.
Stigmatization also plays a big role in increasing infections because it makes very many people living with HIV positive uncomfortable in public. This is mainly because they are always judged as immoral and considered to be unfit to live with the rest of the community so they hide their status. This has scared of many people from getting tested for HIV and yet they still engage in unprotected sex.
Being HIV positive is not the end of the road though, when discovered early, one can take medications to boost their immune system if the virus has not yet wholly affected the immune system and in this case no antiretroviral therapy (ARVs) are necessary at the moment. People living with HIV need all the support everyone can provide in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. HIV cannot rob a person of their mental, social and physical abilities if they have a strong and dependable social support system that believes in them and what they do. When social support is provided, people are in a better position to disclose their HIV status. This ensures adequate support from the people within someone’s immediate circles.

People living positively with HIV can also become pillars of hope to the many who feel defeated not only by HIV but also other chronic illnesses. I have been inspired by many people living positively with HIV/AIDS because they have chosen not to be defined by a health condition. They wake up every morning to accomplish all they have to without feeling inferior to other people even when they feel stigmatized at times. 
The fathers who continue to love and provide for their families with a smile on their faces amidst so much discouragement, the mothers who continue to care and cherish their children in spite of the many hurdles they encounter daily and the young people who strengthen and empower fellow youth living with HIV everywhere they go despite not knowing what the future holds for them at times. 
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