Thursday, 12 February 2015


Everyone has a deep desire to live a fulfilling life comprised of numerous achievements in our different fields of expertise so that we can have enough monetary funds to afford a lifestyle that is socially respectable. We strive to be considered the elites of society so that we can have the power to influence the people and environment around us. This is the main driving factor for most human beings. We strive to be of significance everywhere we go, so we struggle to be better than we were the day, week, month and year before. We want to associate with people we think are better than us in some aspects of life and can be off importance to our careers.
We are uniquely designed with skills and abilities that can help us create a personal identity. This identity is affected by our past experiences. We come to be loving and trusting if we have grown up in an environment that is loving and nurturing. On the hand there is a high possibility of distrust if we have grown up in an environment that was abusive. We do not choose who our family are and yet we shall majorly be defined by our family background. One could be born to a financially stable family with relatively few financial hurdles to leap over and this may automatically place them among the privileged in society. People in this position will most likely have a less toxic path in their endeavors to success because of the firm monetary foundation and connections they may possess. 
At times one is born to a family with financial difficulties ranging from inability to afford a quality education to failure to provide the necessary meals to the family members. Being born to an economically challenged family may be very trying most especially because we live in a society that undervalues people in a financially weak position even when they have the right abilities and skills required to perform on a particular job. This should however not be used as an excuse not to work hard because the harder one works, the luckier they become.
Regardless of a person’s family background, everyone has the potential to make it in life. We all possess incredible skills and talents that other people do not have and these should be exploited to our benefit. We have to sharpen our skills every day that goes by and we should apply these skills in as many areas of life as possible. This not only increases our exposure but also equips us with several other complimentary skills as we learn from other people around us. We constantly have to place ourselves in the right environment and at the right time so that we can be in a good position to attract opportunities. Our unique skills attract people who value them and if we package ourselves well. We can always be taken on to another level of achievement. We should also embark on surrounding ourselves with people from different fields of life and who are more experienced than we are. We should embrace change with arms wide open because everything we want is right outside our comfort zone. Lastly for everything you want in life, you must work hard to be the best at it, have the patience to learn from every failure and yet have the determination to move forward every time you fail.
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  1. Jae your absolutely right, many people think that because they come from relatively under privileged families is barrier to their success, they consider attending the most prominent schools or being in company of a certain social class is the only avenue towards success or living a happy life. This has left many in despair and with low self esteem towards themselves.
    The low self esteem has made many fail to recognise the several opportunities right next to their footsteps but instead spend more time in making lamentations of how they bound to be unfortunate.
    The people today have got a very wrong prejudice and mentality that one's family background plays so much of a big role towards one's success. Yes it does but there other factors that also influence one's success like hardwork, consistence, determination etc., thus the people have to do what they have never done before if they wish to obtain a happy and a successful life because everything that seems too big today was at one time very small.