Thursday, 5 February 2015


Everyone has been through that instance in life when all doors seem to be absent, when we feel like we have hit the end of the road. At this point we feel drained of any hope for a better future. This can a very trying moment for everyone, we shall most likely want to exclude ourselves from the crowd because we do not feel like we belong. We often feel like we do not deserve to stand with everyone else because they are well off and we are stuck in deep trench of despair. We occasionally believe we are stuck in the middle of an ocean with no hopes of rescue and yet the rest of the world is out at the beach having the time of their life. This makes us forget that other people could be going through the same or even a worse position and we deny ourselves a chance of getting help from the people who have been through comparable situations.
We often think we can always prepare for all that lies ahead by simply being optimistic, but what happens when our plans never fall in line. What happens when we discover our big plan was actually a recipe for disaster and ultimately led to our demise. We constantly make plans with an extraordinarily straight road filled with countless achievements at every step of the way. We rarely plan for the hurdles and failures that lie ahead when making our plans and this exposes to us to enormous disappointments that tear us down to pieces if we let them. We hope that the road ahead is clear and our incredible ideas or plans can never fall short of success. One may consider you a pessimist if you told them about the likely shortcomings of their majestic plan.
 Disappointments give us a lot of room for learning because they are a fertile ground for gaining multiple skills and experience of dealing with various challenges. Our perception of our problems determines how badly they affect us. Many people consider themselves dead when faced with a challenge, forgetting other people have made it out of the same challenges. We always forget that things often get so much worse before they get better and we limit ourselves to our problems. Every problem represents two sides of a coin, the good and bad. The bad usually overshadows the good, but we if look closely, we shall discover we can use every challenge to our benefit. Every financial difficulty should sharpen your creativity skills, every betrayal should make you more careful, every loss should make you stronger and every defeat should make you smarter. Experience is the best teacher to those who do not let themselves get defined by their problems. We always hope the best advice comes from other people forgetting that our self-talk pushes us much further if we choose to empower ourselves. Every mega idea comes with equally big problems so you can choose to walk over them or let them bury you alive. Either way, the power lies in your hands. What will you choose today?


  1. I choose the opportunities.
    Failure can be taken as stumbling blocks or stepping stones. One's Attitude determines which road they take.

  2. Jae am absolutely amazed by this blog, Many of us get so overwhelmed when things do not turned out to our expectations.
    Just like you said sharing with some people about the would be possible shortcomings that lie ahead with respect to one's ideas may earn you a brand name of "pessimist".
    But never the less it does not really matter how many times you experience setbacks along the path towards greatness, rather the courage to over come the set backs is what defines you as a victor.
    Jae, you and I together with the people reading this blog are future policy makers, we have a task at hand of preparing our colleagues for any un foreseen occurrences, with such measures in place, we shall be able to embrace and learn from the challenges that continuously show up during the turbulent times of today.

  3. Dominique you should go and change the world. You have all it takes

    1. Both of us have what it takes to change the world. Its not about the magnitude but instead the impact we can cause and the lives we shall positively affect.
      If the world today were to be filled by a population that is ready to effect a change as small as a grain of sugar or salt, it would be much better than it is today.
      You and I have a task to make this to reality irrespective of what may ride side by side with the vision