Monday, 19 January 2015


Unemployment is a state of being jobless. Unemployment is not a problem that affects a distinct group of people but rather a chronic illness that affects all the people in the country without exceptions for one’s tribe, religion or socio-economic background. This is very common phenomenon among the young people in Uganda with the majority of the people of below the age of 25 years lacking jobs. Every year, universities around the country send out a vast number of graduates with knowledge in different fields of studies. This collection of a knowledgeable group of people seems to be something the economy and the nation should embrace with arms wide open ensuring multiple job opportunities for the graduates in the different fields of study. But unfortunately over 70% of the graduates don’t get jobs after finishing their university education, leaving many jobless but well educated people. The problem of unemployment among most youth in Uganda can be attributed to a number of factors that at times combine to make the youth have a low and unfair competition on the job market.
The most challenging issue that the youth are presented with is the lack of employability practical skills and experience that are vital for the jobs they apply for. This is largely because of the inability of the youth to convert the theoretical information they receive in class into practical knowledge that can be used to invent new and more effective approaches to solving problems in the 21st century. This is the most important skill that employers value because they aim at employing young and bright minds that can significantly ease their company’s dreams by contributing significantly to the company’s future. The second issue is lack of innovative ideas that can create jobs. Most of the tertiary institutions in the nation train their students to work within already established institutions as employees instead of equipping the students with practical skills that can be used to start private business entities. Lastly many youth lack vital life skills like self-awareness, assertiveness and emotional intelligence which are key in seeking employment and are essential in maintaining a job.
Unemployment is curable because several measures can be taken both by the youth and the tertiary institutions in order to combat the widespread unemployment in the country. Tertiary institutions need to avail information to its students in the different fields of study in a way that transforms classroom theoretical knowledge into a real life setting. This gives students a chance to develop practical skills that can enable them compete favorably on the job market. The youth need to develop multiple skills in different spheres of life so as to increase their employability potential. This should be accompanied by a good deal of confidence that can be shown through assertiveness and pride in one’s skills and knowledge. When youth are confident in themselves and their abilities, they are motivated to start projects or enterprises on their own or with fellow youth and it creates jobs for many other young people.

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