Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Career is basically one’s calling in life. It is one’s unique path in life towards achieving their ultimate goals. Some people may refer to career as a form of employment that has been built over time. Every person is born for a particular purpose in life. They are uniquely groomed with personal skills in order to provide an exceptional service to the world. Each person is distinct from the rest of the other people in the world, has distinctive experiences and has distinctive interpretations of those experiences. These form the person’s personality, shape their understanding of the world and will later determine what they become passionate about. A passion can be defined as a unique quality that a person possess which makes them suitable to for executing a given role with ease. It is aroused by the activities that an individual frequently engages in. Passion is relative to every individual because people are gifted different but its key when determining what career a person pursues.
The youth today face major challenge because our education system values academic careers above all others, In fact it is seen through the school environment with teachers favoring those students that are academically inclined. Parents too play a big role in discouraging non- academic career choices because they never take time to boost their children’s talents. Back in the days, society organised its members basing on their abilities and contributions. The gardeners could provide food and the strong would guard the kingdom but gone are those days. Unfortunately, the Uganda we live today discourages the youth from developing careers in fields which are not academic. Every parent’s goal is to see their children attain a university degree but they put little or no emphasis on the children’s individuality and talents yet these are more significant for one’s career choice. This is probably the reason as to why we have so many unemployed graduates waiting for formal jobs yet they are gifted in many other monetary oriented fields that require basic talent and practical skills. I believe, like the famous psychologist Abraham Maslow that every person should concentrate on their calling, a writer should write, an artist should draw and a musician should sing.

Our youth can be saved from making wrong career choices if given the right support and guidance. Parents should appreciate each child’s uniqueness and guide them accordingly without forcing them into a career of their preference but rather encourage the child’s efforts in discovering their talents. Schools should develop a curriculum that supports a multi-dimensional talent approach so that the youth are given an opportunity to discover the activities that suit them in order to focus their energy on building on their individual passions in the different fields of interest. The youth should strive in discovering their unique passions and this can only happen if they are courageous enough to try out different fields of interest. This should be accompanied a strong air of confidence in their skills and talents so as to venture out in the world in search of success.

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