Saturday, 24 January 2015


Every person has memories, they could be positive or negative depending on the individual experiencing them. A positive past memory is a beneficial or optimistic perception of a memory, be it bad or good. We all have a past, which is made of the good, bad and ugly experiences. We have all have that fun moment where we are filled with blissful melodies and appreciate life. We also have those days when we do not feel at our best so we probably feel lonely or betrayed by someone we hold so dear. But what happens when hit that ice berg and it thrusts our majestic ship off course or when meet the “Goliath” of our life, this can be a phase when we experience excruciating pain and download immense amounts of discouragement and demotivation. We all have that one moment when we face a challenge that spins our mind and probably overwhelms our ability to move forward past the incident.
We are groomed to love and live life but many a times, we are never prepared for the worst life can throw at us. We all can sense happiness vividly and can swiftly associate with people who are cheerful. Unfortunately happiness is never challenging, so we have a very minor gap of learning from it yet we are naturally conditioned to stay joyful. Seldom will one ever sit you down to take you through the “school of hard knocks” curriculum, and yet it determines how far you  go can in life or how many times you can get beat and still get going.  Many parents will strive to protect their beloved children from every tiny obstacle that could hurt their feelings. This is done out of genuine love for the children but unfortunately it robs the children of any opportunity to learn how to deal with failure or crises. It is against this background that many people most especially the youth get to stroll into the “real” world with little or no experience of dealing with negativity or bad experiences.
I believe there is nothing that is filled with only negative attributes and neither anything that is wholesomely good. I also believe failure is not always a bad thing, because it is through failure that one can gain the experience to tackle different aspects of life and crises with seemingly little wavering or fear. Any condition be it a sickness, loss of a dear one or even failing to achieve something of value should not be personalized because it limits one’s thoughts to a past predicament. If a person does not look beyond a current challenge, they not only deny themselves a second chance at success but also deny the world of their unique skills and knowledge. When we take a step to face our trials, most times we discover the only person we were scared of was our own selves. We fear we are not good enough to beat what lies ahead of us because we are scared of our own success but if we look closely, we shall discover we have the potential to overcome anything if only we choose to do so. Make an opportunity out of every memory you have regardless of the joy or sadness it may cause you. This is how healing blossoms in every one.